Welcome to our first blog posting!

We hosted our first ever Family Adventure Day on Saturday 21 May 2011.
The Lord blessed us with such awesome weather, and for that we are truly grateful.
There was a biathle and mountain biking challenge, as well as a toddler's race and nature walks.
The day was well-supported, and we thank you for your enthusiasm and positive feedback, as well as some suggestions to help us improve for the next Adventure Day.

We had few entries for the biathle, we think, due to the fact that the biathle and mountain bike events started at the same time, and many entrants wanted to take part in both the biathle and mountain biking.  They then opted for the mountain biking instead.
Next time, we know to stagger the races, so that the competitive and energetic entrants may take part in as many events possible.  NOTED and thank you :-)

Thank you to Aimee Du Preez, Mitch Du Preez, Bryce Du Preez, Tiffany Scott and Rachel Bottcher who took part in the biathle.

A total of 83 mountain bikers took part in either a 15km, 10km or 6km.
Results as follows:


1st - Nathan le Roux
2nd - Marcus Kotschan
3rd - Michelle Schlebusch


1st - Lamla Duma
2nd - Darwin Wilson
3rd - Zak Schlebusch


1st - Ethan de Beer
2nd - Jasmine Wegner

3rd - Shannon Jackson 

Well done and congratulations to you, and to all the entrants!

All the results can be found below:

15km ride

10km ride

6km ride
Upon entry at the gate, each person was able to enter the free draw to win a pig.
The draw was won by:



There are so many people to thank for making this day possible.
Along with the community from the Brakfontein area who worked extremely hard in organising this day:

Thank you to Werner and his team from Beaconhurst School for their assistance with the planning and organising of the biathle, as well as for the help with providing marshalls for the events, and their guidance and support on the day.

Thank you to Lauren Du Preez and Rodney McQuirk who offered assistance in the water for the duration of the biathle.  They braved the icy waters and still had enough energy to do the mountain bike ride, Rodney the 15km, and Lauren the 6km with her family.

Kerry Krull from Alderson's Ambulance was there to assist with any injuries, aided by Glynnis McQuirk.
Thank you, ladies!
Bouncing Buddies sponsored the kiddies jumping castle, and was a huge hit with the smaller folk :-)
Thanks to Cindy and Kurt for their kind sponsorship.

JB from Toilet Hiring Services sponsored the portable toilets.
Thank you - they were impressively clean and well-stocked.
You can find them at:
10 Fairveiw Place, Beacon Bay

Tel: 043 748 1849

Thank you to Jacques Mitchell of Ken English Signs who efficiently designed and printed our posters and flyers, as well as the directional signage to our venue.
Thank you for sponsoring some of the flyers.   Much appreciated.

Anyone else who was involved in any way - THANK YOU!

Thank you to all who attended.  We hope you had a fantabulous day! (Yeah - I know it's not a word...but it's fun LOL!)

The proceeds of this day will be going towards maintaining the top road in our area.
Anyone willing to share photographs from Saturday, on our website, please email to me to upload.
Photos of the day will be uploaded soon.